Mindy’s Ohio Mattress Reviews

31 May 2017 Uncategorized

Why buy at Mindy’s Ohio Mattress?  We all know that most people check online for reviews before making any purchases.  I’m the same way.  I read reviews not only about the product I’m considering buying but also the company I’m buying the product from.  Here are some things to consider before making your next Mattress or Recliner purchase.
Read the quotes directly from the reviews and testimonials our Customers have given to us!

1.  Are they knowledgeable about the product they are selling?  Can they answer my questions?   “very helpful and Knowledgeable about products,”  “She was very knowledgeable about all the brands she carries and how each kind would feel,”   “She knew exactly what I needed for our guest bedroom”  “Knows their products well” “Gave me plenty of information to make my decision”

2.  Are they Reputable?  Are they Reliable?  “Very Christian in their Ethics and treatment of their customers and they don’t “gouge” customers on pricing!”, “arrived during the time frame set up”, “very cautious about not damaging any property”, “very respectful and on time for delivery”, “did not pressure me”,” was very careful and took his time to make sure he did nothing to marr the mattress or our home in any way”

3. Will you Shop at this Business Again?   Is this a Business you would Recommend to others?  “I would absolutely refer Mindy’s Ohio Mattress to Others!”, ” A 10- Excellent Customer Service Start to Finish!”, “I feel both Mindy and Dan bent over Backwards to make sure of my Customer Satisfaction.”  “10- Will Defiantly purchase our next mattress from Mindy’s Ohio Mattress”, “Fun to be Around”, “Easiest Process for Buying a Mattress.  We will defiantly be back”,  “10+ Have recommended Mindy’s to many people over the last week”, “10- Very Nice, Kind and Helpful, Not pushy.  Let’s customer have time to think and decide”, “My experience was great.  A big 10”