Spink & Edgar USA luxury beds.

What can you expect with Spink & Edgar craftsmanship?

Greater Well-Being

From the way you greet co-workers each morning, to the workout you’ve got planned on the way home. When you feel well rested, people are going to notice that something about you is… different.

Less Stiffness

Micro-coils deliver precision joint support right where you need it, while pillowy layers of fleece and cotton provide that “just right” coziness.

Increased Productivity

Imagine how things might change for the better when you have more energy at work (and at home) every single day.

Stronger Friendships

Being chronically tired hurts more than our careers, it puts a strain on personal relationships. A well-rested friend (or partner) is one that’s more humorous, creative and enjoyable to be around.

More Frequent Intimacy

Not only does being less tired all day equate to more energy at “bedtime,” but thousands of micro-coils set the stage for unrivaled rhythm and feel.